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Welcome to the 2005 ACA Convention Online Speaker page. There are two options for listening to our online ACA speakers. 1) To listen over your own personal computer using our streaming audio features click on the arrows to the right, adjust your speaker volume and enjoy. 2) To listen over portable audio players or in your vehicle, you can download a MP3 file. The MP3 can be loaded to a personal MP3 player or used to create your own audio CD. Right-click on the "MP3" link below each speaker and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As." Choose a destination for the downloaded file on your PC. Note: the MP3 files are very large and download best over high-speed connections.

From the 19th Annual ACA Convention in Lake San Marcos, Ca., November 4-6, 2005
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Grace Murphy
"At Peace with the Process"
MP3 (69 Mb)

There is a level of acceptance that happens that affords us to get at peace with “what is” in our lives and allows a spiritual being to emerge. Grace explains why the ACA promises state you will know a new freedom and a new happiness.

Michele L.
Inner Child Writing Workshop
Link: Workshop format
MP3 (XX Mb) Coming Soon

Get in touch with your Inner Child through guided meditation and non-dominant hand writing techniques. This workshop was so popular a second workshop was added on Saturday morning. Listen in and hear why!

Earnie Larsen
"Carry the Message"
MP3 (XX Mb) Coming Soon
As the new century dawns no one more than the ACA fellowship is poised to carry the message of healing and hope to a suffering world. In this talk Earnie delivers an inspiring call to carry the ACA message.

John Friel
"Acquiring Real Self-Esteem, and Growing Up in the Process"
MP3 (XX Mb) Coming Soon
The “self-esteem movement” was a great idea when it first began a few decades ago. But like many fads & movements, it eventually went to the other extreme. In this presentation, Dr. Friel talks about what we can do to pull ourselves out of the “pseudo-self-esteem hell” in which many of us find ourselves and our children.

Omer G.
ACA Sponsorship Workshop
Download: "ACA Sponsorship Guide"
MP3 (XX Mb) Coming Soon
Omer G. leads you through a comprehensive workshop on ACA Sponsorship. Learn the different types of sponsors, what to look for and how to select a sponsor, what to do as a sponsor, how to set appropriate boundaries and your rights & responsibilities in recovery.

Earnie Larsen
"Connecting the Dots of Recovery"
MP3 (XX Mb) Coming Soon
ACA recovery is a process. All processes have stages. Earnie Larsen shows us one way to look at those stages. A must hear for those serious about working the 12 Steps of ACA.

John Friel
"Trusting the Process with Relationships"
MP3 (XX Mb) Coming Soon
Having a truly great romantic relationship is something most ACAs say they want. But secretly, many of us don’t really want what we’re seeking. Creating a lasting relationship is fairly straightforward, and having a relationship that is filled with passion is easy. Putting the two together is the challenge. Dr. Friel tells how in this keynote address.

Earnie Larsen
"The Glory of Our Story"
MP3 (XX Mb) Coming Soon
Gratitude is rooted in truth. The truth is we are some of the most blessed people in human history to have access to the 12 step recovery fellowship. Earnie Larsen tells it like only Earnie can. Don't miss this one.

Richard Follick
Closing Address
MP3 (XX Mb) Coming Soon
Dr. Follick wraps up a weekend filled with fun, fellowship and ACA recovery. Listen in and hear the closing address to this wonderful weekend.

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