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From the 20th Annual ACA Convention in Lake San Marcos, Ca., November 3-5, 2006
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"ACA Fellowship Text Release"
MP3 (18 Mb)

Fourteen years in the making, the ACA Fellowship Text (Big Red Book) is released on ACA Founder Tony A's birthday! Join ACA World Services Chair Don C. and Literature Committee Chair Michele L. as the Big Red Book is presented to the public for the very first time. Listen in to this historic event!

Robert Subby
"Morning Workshop"
MP3 (74 Mb)

Robert Subby is a Licensed Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in the mental health and addictions field. Bob is a pioneer in the development of family-centered, outpatient chemical dependency treatment services. He is a founding board member of "The National Association for Children of Alcoholics" (N.A.C.o.A. Since the early 70s, his work has focused on the treatment of co-dependency and the adult child. His emphasis on the family system, its rules, and the dynamics of human development are trademarks of his work in the addictions and mental health fields.

Marty S.
"Confusing the Outside with the Inside:
A Two-Tiered Model of Addiction"
MP3 (98 Mb); Handout, Presentation, QuickTime movie
The first in a three-years series of presentations, Marty S., author of the ACA Identity Papers, shows how our addiction to the "inside drugs" confounds our efforts at lasting recovery from addictions and addictive behaviors. Marty adds a vital missing link and sets the framework for deepening of personal recovery in ACA. Add to your recovery with these exciting, fundamental ideas!

Jim Y.
MP3 (62 Mb)
Jim Y. leads a great workshop on ACA recovery, self awareness and self love. Listen with Jim as he explains how he has found and expanded upon the miracle of ACA recovery.

Robert Subby
"Keynote Address"
MP3 (75 Mb)
Bob is the author of "Lost in the Shuffle," a definitive
work on the condition of codependency --the problems, pitfalls, and unreal rules the co-dependent lives by, and the way out of the diseased condition to recovery. He also wrote "Healing The Family Within." Of "Healing The Family Within," John Bradshaw had this to say about Bob, “This time he leads us towards a true integration of our family within.”

Dow P.
"Closing Circle "
MP3 (39 Mb)

Dow P. bring a special personality to our closing talk. Dow summarizes the weekend and gets others involved in sharing about their Convention experience, in a fun, supportive manner. Join Dow and Convention attendees as we wrap up a fantastic weekend!

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