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Welcome to the 2007 ACA Convention page. Please enjoy these brochures, flyers, programs, downloadable mp3 files and online streaming audio of speakers and workshop leaders. There are two options for the online speakers. 1) To listen over your own personal computer using our streaming audio features - click on the arrows to the right, adjust your speaker volume and enjoy. 2) To listen over portable audio players or in your vehicle, you can download a digital mp3 file that can be loaded to a personal mp3 player or used to create your own audio CD. Right-click on the "MP3" link below each speaker and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As." Choose a destination for the downloaded file on your PC. Note: the mp3 files are very large and download best over high-speed connections.

From the 21st Annual ACA Convention in Lake San Marcos, Ca., November 2-4, 2007
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"ACA 12 Step Workbook Release"
MP3 (14 Mb)

ACA World Services releases the ACA 12 Step Workbook to the public for the very first time. Listen in to this historic occaison!

Barbara Whitfield
"When the 12th Step Happens FIrst"
MP3 (74 Mb); Handouts

What happens when in helping others we wind up help ourselves? Barbara talks about her experiences, how they have shaped her ACA recovery and her work in carrying the message of recovery to others.

Marty S. and Friends
"A Crime Scene Reconstruction"
MP3 (95 Mb); Handout, Presentation,
The ACA Schematic
This panel/workshop looks at how ideas and techniques developed to treat traumatized people in the field can be adapted to liberate, comfort and heal the hurt and paralyzed inner children we keep hidden in a protective prison of isolation, fear and denial. Suggestions are offered on how Adult Children can use the ACA 4th and 5th Steps to “return to the scene of the crime” and provide critical incident care to our hurt and frightened inner children who have been waiting for someone to come soothe and heal the damage that occurs during a trauma-filled childhood.

Charles Whitfield, M.D.
"Core Issues in ACA Recovery"
MP3 (73 Mb); Handouts

An issue is any conflict, concern or potential problem, whether conscious or unconscious, that is incomplete for us – or needs action or change. A core issue is one
that comes up repeatedly for many of us. There are at least 15 core issues for ACA's. These core issues tend to emerge especially from several areas of our life and recovery. They can assist us in describing and framing problems in living, day to day conflicts, “Character defects” and our struggle with our ego or false self.
Core issues show up for us in our day-to-day lives in countless ways. Dr. Whitfield describes in detail and depth about our core ACA issues, how they affect us, and how we can use them to our benefit.

Barbara Whitfield
"The Power of Humility: Choosing Peace Over Conflict in Relationships"
MP3 (60 Mb); Handouts
Enjoy Barbara's keynote address that helps us understand how we can often choose conflict in relationships and how our ACA traits trip us up. She expands on the concept of humility and shows how we can use humilty to increase peace in our relationships.

Charles Whitfield, M.D.
"The Doctor's Opinion and Beyond "
MP3 (71 Mb); Handouts

Dr. Whitfield wraps up this year's Convention with the "Doctor's Opinion and Beyond", a great talk summarizing his experience, strength & hope as an adult child and as a mental health service provider. Finish up a great year with this inspiring and informative talk.

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