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Welcome to the 2008 ACA Convention Online Speaker page. There are two options for listening to our online ACA speakers. 1) To listen over your own personal computer using our streaming audio features click on the arrows to the right, adjust your speaker volume and enjoy. 2) To listen over portable audio players or in your vehicle, you can download a MP3 file. The MP3 can be loaded to a personal MP3 player or used to create your own audio CD. Right-click on the "MP3" link below each speaker and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As." Choose a destination for the downloaded file on your PC. Note: the MP3 files are very large and download best over high-speed connections.

From the 22nd Annual ACA Convention in Fullerton, Ca., November 7-9, 2008
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Dr. Lucia C.
"Reparenting Our Selves:
Renegotiating with the Inner
Critical Parent
MP3 (86 Mb)

Self-acceptance gained through Inner Family work relieves us from the burden of perfectionism and the need to rescue and protect the Inner Child in others. Exercises include: Getting in Touch with Feelings, Meet Your Critical Parent, and Embracing Your Inner Brat.

Don C.
"Completing the Circle
in the Cycle of Violence"
MP3 (109 Mb)
Presentation & Handout

Traumatized children are pushed to the point of exhaustion and collapse as part of the family’s “bop ‘til you drop” scenario. The workshop will examine the obvious and hidden ways this can happen. We will explore how The 12 Steps can be used to uncover and reverse this process of “group intoxication” that we internalized as children and keep acting out as adults.

Lesley R.
"ACA in the Workplace"
MP3 (87 Mb)

Join Lesley as she expands on how our ACA Characteristics affect us in the workplace. The workshop allows us to discuss our common experiences and help each other reduce the chaos that we can bring to our work lives.

Mary Cook
MP3 (80 Mb)

Mary has over 31 years of clinical practice treating a broad range of addiction and psychological problems. She taught at Cal State Dominguez Hills with 29 years as Professor in their Alcohol & Drug Counseling Certification Program. She taught psychology and addiction studies at UC Irvine & LA Harbor College.


Dr. Lucia C.
"Getting Off the Teeter Totter "
MP3 (68 Mb)
Practicing self-care through Inner Family work removes expectations from others to be the loving and protective parents we never had. We will identify power imbalances in current relationships and learn how to get off the teeter totter in which one person assumes a parental role and the other a child role.

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