Below are general descriptions of our current Volunteer opportunities. Please note these duties may be revised depending on circumstances; however, we'll strive to keep each job clear, easy to understand and focused on the task at hand. Of course we're always open to new ideas and suggestions on how to make each job work better for both Convention attendees and service volunteers. Thanks in advance for considering the addition of a small bit of ACA service to your Convention program!


Volunteer Role Descriptions


Registration Desk

If you would like to assist at the registration desk: The Registration desk is located in the location TBD.


On Friday, Set-up people arrive at 4:00 to set up tables; unload cars. Registration will be open between 2-4 hours/day. Each shift is approximately 2 hours. Duties: Monitor the registration area. Assist attendees with forms. Provide attendees with information, program, and name tag. Follow the direction of the registration coordinator. Sunday at noon we need a clean-up crew.




If you would like to manage the hospitality area, it is located in the location TBD.


On Friday: Arrive 1 hour early to help unload cars; set-up the area with supplies/refreshments; arrange tables, etc. The hospitality area will be open for extended hours throughout the weekend. Ideally, the shifts are about 2 hours in length. Duties include management of refreshments. Keep area tidy. Make fresh coffee or hot water. Greet attendees and provide information. Attend to Playroom, Lost and found; Band-aids; Message board, etc.



Host / Greeter

If you would like to welcome for new arrivals and/or greet attendees for an event:


Including setting up signs on Friday as instructed around the facility. Duties also are to greet in the hotel lobby or at entrance to location TBD. Smile. Provide directions to check-in and answer questions. For a special event, may stand near entrance, and help people with seating.



Room Monitor / Speaker Assistant

If you would like to be assistant at a meeting or workshop:


Show up to the assigned room (location TBD) at least 15 minutes early. Assist the speaker or workshop leader with room set-up, chairs, handouts. Set up water for speaker. Greet attendees at the door. Participate in the meeting. Act as timekeeper. Call for hotel staff assistance as needed. Call the committee members for other problems. Tidy up after the meetings over.



Special Event Preparation and Decorations

If you would like to assist with preparation for a Special Event:


On Friday, the 8 pm Dinner Banquet requires early preparation. Arrive early to location TBD to plan event details. Work with the event coordinator and hotel staff. Decorate tables as needed.


On Saturday, the 4 pm Mixer in the location TBD needs volunteers to arrive early to plan the event details. Set up tables, chairs, and decorate the tables as necessary. Work with the event coordinator and hotel staff.



Set up and /or Breakdown

If you would like to help with setting up or breaking down the convention:


This group is so important! Friday, arrive before 4 pm. Help to unload vehicles and set up the tables in the location TBD for registration, hospitality. Assist the vendor set up bookstore in the location TBD. Follow directions from the coordinator. Or on Sunday, help to clean up the area, pack and load the vehicles.



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