Interested in helping spread the word? You can assist in several ways:


The Convention grows by word-of-mouth. We encourage you to share this at meetings and with adult children everywhere. Thank you.


Print out the convention brochure and take copies to your local ACA or other 12 Step meetings. Make an announcement so people notice. You and your meeting friends will enjoy a great weekend, strengthen your recoveries, and meet new ACA friends.


Send an e-mail to those who might be interested, and include a link to


Call people you haven’t seen in a while. Telling them about the Convention is a good excuse to call. Even if they can’t go, at least they’ll feel included and maybe they’ve been hoping for someone to talk to anyway.


Post our brochure and leave extra copies for people to take at your local recovery bookstore, Alano club, or recovery center.


Give a copy of our brochure to therapists you may know, who may find a Convention like this would be of value to their clients.


If you don’t have access to a printer, e-mail us at and we’ll mail printed copies of the brochure to you to distribute.



NEW - click on image to download the latest trifold brochure for use in your local ACA meetings: