Workshop I

"Healing The Childhood Trauma That Binds You"


Growing up in a toxic family system dynamic, we are innocent victims, robbed of our innocence and left with deep and powerful scars of PTSD, internalized trauma.  Powerful feelings, such as panic, terror and desperation were swallowed and buried deep in our beings.  Our survival views and concepts of “how the world works” and “how to keep myself safe” are seriously skewed being formed under extreme duress.  Throughout our life, we recreate our childhood trauma - it is all we know.


When we find ACA, we begin to understand what really happened and the devastating impact our trauma plays in our current lives as we manifest self-harming thinking and behaviors – the Laundry List Traits.  Yet, these traits are NORMAL reactions or consequences of an adult traumatized as a child!


Robert’s workshop will illuminate the science of trauma, the impact abuse has on our nervous system, and offer practical self care experience and mindful practice to facilitate the safe release of unexpressed grief to manifest genuine healing and transformation.

         Robert N.


Robert is sober 31 years in AA, 30 years in SLAA and 30 years in ACA. He has worked the steps in AA, SLAA, OA and ACA (Yellow Book and Tony A's). To facilitate the release of unexpressed grief, he has done extensive trauma work including EMDR and Somatic Experience. He is a grateful, "witness" sponsor of several years. Robert initiated, co-developed with ACA community members and delivered three ACA workshops in the Bay Area: ACA Sponsorship, Self Love, Loving Parent/Inner Child.


Download handouts for workshop:


Meditation Practice: Recovering the Emotional Childhood


I Love Myself Affirmation