Workshop II

"Having Achieved Some Level of Emotional Sobriety; The Early Stages"


"While parts of our work remain undone, the satisfaction of having achieved some level of emotional sobriety, and of having grieved parts of ourselves and survived the process, gives us strength to carry on with the unfinished work" Strengthening My Recovery (page 332).


This interactive presentation explores how emotional sobriety begins early in recovery, though we may not recognize it, and even resist believing in it for ourselves. We will look the process of gaining and growing Emotional Sobriety from the lens of Steps 1-3 and starting an ACA inventory. Using the ACA literature to identify signposts of Emotional Sobriety for each of us, where we are at, will be part of presentation. And then exploring how "anchoring" to our growing emotional sobriety can sustain us in staying with the process that leads to a spiritual awakening in ACA.











         Mary S.


Mary is a fellow traveller having found ACA in 2014 after nearly 20 years of recovery work. Emotional sobriety seemed out of reach before ACA. Currently in the midst of an ACA inventory, she has found strength and hope from "doing the work" of the steps in ACA. The importance of claiming her own ACA recovery and emotional sobriety, however tenuous and fragile it can seem, has been a valuable asset to her own growing recovery.