Workshop III

"Recovery At The Dinner Table; Rituals That Can Heal Us"


Many ACA’s endured, witnessed and survived all manner of alcoholic and dysfunctional behavior at our family dinner table, a place meant for connection, support, love and acknowledgement.  Participants will help design, discuss, and role play their own simple rituals to begin to break the emotional grip of their past experiences. Through role playing and simple affirmations, we will create a supportive space to explore new ways of reclaiming the "Dinner Table" as a place of safety and community.


This workshop will provide the participants an opportunity to develop their own simple, reproducible, and gentle rituals helpful to create a safe and supportive environment at their own tables. Participants will be able to explore multiple possibilities from the other Fellow Travelers discussions and experiences.  Simple role play by small groups of Fellow Travelers will provide the opportunity to practice these new behaviors in the larger, loving community of other ACA’s present for the Conference. The newly created rituals can then be taken home by participants to continue their healing journey.


Networking will be strongly encouraged for continued support.

             Bill K.


Bill grew up in an abusive, alcoholic family and extended family.  He attended his first ever recovery meeting at an ACA gathering on September 22, 1986 at the Friends Meeting House in the University District of downtown Seattle, WA.  He continued to attend ACOA meetings for several years in 1980’s.


Clean and sober since September 21, 1986, he is a member of AA, a grateful member of Al Anon since 1993, and a grateful member of ACA.  Bill returned to regular ACA meetings in early 2013 to re-discover the amazing support available today. He continues to attend all three meetings while cosponsoring two weekly Alateen groups.