Workshop IV

"Making Your Laundry List Obsolete by Putting ACTION Into Your Recovery"


How do we live in the Solution when all we know is our Don’t Talk/Feel/Trust False identity?  Old behavioral patterns and fears prevent us from moving beyond hurting and into healing.  We may become immobilized.  Emotional recovery becomes stalled.


Working a program of action is the best way to begin the healing phase of emotional recovery.  Through ACTION (working the steps, attending meetings, self care, increased socialization) we grow:  We define ourselves.  We can reach appoint where we reflect back upon the Laundry List and realize the traits may no longer apply to us.

 Ken F.


Ken F., MS, MFT, has been working in the recovery field since 1988.  Ken combines experience from Theater Arts and Human Services backgrounds. Director of Straight Talk Residential Services from 1998 – 2004.  Creator/Author of the Intimacy Gram.  Presently working in Addiction Medicine at Kaiser Permanente.