Workshop V

"Unhooking from Life’s Drama and Pain"


This workshop provides tools and techniques to help transform the ordinary and extreme difficulties of life into moments of calm,

clarity and sometimes joy. As a survivor she treats herself and others’ PTSD as a physical disorder.

      Barbara W                  Charles W


Barbara W is a respiratory and massage therapist who originally practiced body-centered psychotherapy. She is the author of 5 books about recovering from repeated trauma and integrating spiritual experiences plus co-author of another 5 including one on the messages of the Moody Blues Music. She spent 6 years at the University of Connecticut Medical School researching the after effects of near-death and other spiritually transformative experiences.  She taught about these after effects at Rutgers University Institute of Alcohol and Drug Studies calling her classes “When the 12th. Step Happens First.” She is a therapist in private practice with her husband, Charles W doing individual and group psychotherapy.


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