Workshop VII

"Emotional Sobriety; The Integration of Inner Child, Critical Parent and Healthy Adult"


The three aspects of self; inner child, critical parent and healthy adult will be explored here; what they feel, look, and act like. This workshop is full of interactive fun so attendants get a ''feel'' for what each aspect looks and feels like in real life terms, making integration easier. Richard will give personal examples of mistakes and success in his integration process and ask for attendants to give their own examples as well. He will use film, interaction and a great handout to combine feelings and intellectual concepts to gain clarity

         Richard R.


A board certified, retired family practice physician, Richard has been in recovery since 4/19/86.  Early on, he did most of his ACA work with an ACA therapist.  He has also attended many workshops, Survivors 1, Survivors 11, Family Recovery, all at the Meadows.  In addition, Richard attended Insight seminar, and Hoffmans Quadrinity process.  He was at the first ACA convention in San Diego in 1989 with Bob Earl, Robert Suby and others.  While he continues to have a sponsor of his own, he is also currently sponsoring 11 men and women.


Richard is also board eligible in addictionology.  Although retired, he considers sponsorship to be his passion.